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      • About Us

        This website has been developed by people who want to let others know about Jesus. If you sense a call in your own life to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others, then please keep reading! Our desire is to make Jesus known in a way that reflects his character. Jesus is loving, humble, and righteous. We desire to model this and reflect this in our preaching. We do not approve of any form of violence. We seek to comply with local laws in being able to share the gospel message in a way that makes God look attractive — because God is attractive! Our hope is that many people will come to trust in Jesus, who laid down his life, so that they might receive eternal life.

    • What is a street preacher?
      • What is a street preacher?

        Street preachers are human beings who feel the need to tell others about Jesus in a public way. There are many different "styles" and while there appear to be better as well as inferior styles, there is no one style that is the perfect style. God uses each person, according to their cultural upbringing, and influences which have shaped them. On the other hand, preaching void of a proper understanding of the Bible is to be avoided at all costs. Street preachers (and all believers) should study their Bibles carefully before going out! They should also make it a regular habit of reading their Bibles (daily) so they can be strenghthened in the word. The best street preacher knows the Bible thoroughly.

    • How do I preach?
      • How do I preach?

        Do not try and preach like someone else. You certainly can (and should) learn from others, who are successful at preaching. There is nothing wrong with that. However, when you try to emulate another person, or be like them, there is really no need for that, because you are a unique human being, with all sorts of abilities that others may not even have! Preach according to the abilities that God has given you. Learn from others, and be motivated and even encouraged by others. All this is fine and to be expected. But to try and "be" another person when you preach, that is wrong. Be yourself, and also be teachable. This means that, yes, you may have to change or grow in some areas. We all grow through the process of time. If you want to really learn how to preach, get to know God well, and get to know his word especially well. You only merit being heard to the extent that you know the word of God. When you preach, you do not preach your opinions, but God's truth!

    • Should others go with me?
      • Should others go with me?

        When Jesus sent people out to preach, he sent them out two by two. This does not mean there cannot be more than two, but there should be at least two when you go out. Why might this be important? Unfortunately, people could falsely accuse you of doing something you did not do, if you go out alone. Jesus knows this, which is probably one reason he sent his disciples out two by two. On the other hand, there is a very practical (down to earth) reason why you should go out with (at least) one other person, and that is for mutual encouragement. Ecclesiastes tells us that two is better than one, and that a three stranded cord is not easily broken. While some believe this is a statement on marriage, it is more generically a statement on working together. The third "strand" in that passage is thought to be the Holy Spirit. When you and your brother are going out together, you can and will strengthen and encourage each other. Please, if there is no one else to go with, take it as a sign that you are not to go out on this particular day!

    • Should I use a camera?
      • Should I use a camera?

        There are really two purposes for cameras. One is for your protection, and the other is for the sake of promoting the gospel. From the standpoint of security, you may decide to use a body-mounted camera. A lower priced camera like the AKASO V50 Pro can be attached via a Go Pro mount (available on Amazon, it is about 1/3 the price of a Go Pro), but use whatever you want and make sure to do your research first. If you are intending to share your preaching via social media, you really should have your friend film you, as it will be much more stable. An iPhone or Android camera can be used which may produce great results. Note that body mounted cameras are often used for security. They do not produce great footage for social media! Filming your preaching can be used to encourage others to do the same and even bring people to Christ.

    • Should I use amplification?
      • Should I use amplification?

        You should be mindful of laws which may or may not allow a loudspeaker to be used. In some cases, a loudspeaker may be used, but must be within a certain decibel level. Check your local laws!

    • Where can I preach?
      • Where can I preach?

        Preach where there are people! Be careful not to preach in private locations, but be sure you are on public land. Know your rights and check your local, state/provincial, and federal laws.

    • Do I need a website?
      • Do I need a website?

        Full disclosure: we provide WordPress installations (which you can use to create a sophisticated website, even if you are not experienced). But we also provide these because we know the power of websites and use them ourselves. We firmly believe that, yes, a website is of good value, as long as you can obtain the right help in putting it together. Yes, there is a learning curve (for some it will be small, and others may find it more challenging). We are well aware of all of this. The good news is that technology has advanced hugely in the last ten years! Putting together a website is not as daunting as it used to be, and in fact, it can be quite fun. (Even "grannies" put together websites these days.)

    • Join Street Preachers
      • Join Street Preachers

        If you sense God calling you to become a street preacher, or you already are a street preacher, and you would like to take advantage of vital ministry tools that we have to offer at a fraction of the price, then we would be happy to serve you. Our mission is to raise up and support street preachers by providing:

        1. Easy-to-use WordPress website technology and other technology tools,
        2. Freely downloadable tracts that can be printed on any standard or home-based printer,
        3. An on-line fellowship where street preachers can receive encouragement and support.

        To learn more, click on one of the following links:

Amazing True Stories

Our Amazing True Stories are presented to you as a testimony of God's existence and love for you. If you have never thought about having a personal relationship with God, there has never been a better time. Marvel at the goodness of God, presented to you through life-changing — and in some cases mind-boggling ‒ testimonies.


We have also listed the above publications below so you can easily scroll and search by key word.

Description Length
73 Years of Wisdom 73 Years of Wisdom

73 Years of Wisdom is about a man who, before he died at the age of 73, made the decision to trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of his sins. This compelling testimony contains a dream that was given to his son 15 years before his father died, indicating the means by which his father would die and come to know the Lord. Complete with a 16-point Bible study, this is our most Scripture-packed message! Power-packed message! 2496 words (10.0 minutes)

2496 words (10.0 minutes)
A Cleansed Heart A Cleansed Heart

A Cleansed Heart contains a true testimony concerning theft and why only Jesus alone can heal the guilty conscience. This article also covers why the author was sick, why God had mercy on him and delivered him, and how people can position themselves to receive mercy and grace from God. The good news simply and powerfully presented. 2543 words (10.2 minutes)

2543 words (10.2 minutes)
Craziest (Prophetic) Day Ever Craziest (Prophetic) Day Ever

Craziest (Prophetic) Day Ever is about the day the Lord led the author to speak to his wife's boss about safety conditions at her workplace, which were at a critical level due to the neglect of the boss. Two weeks after the message was relayed, the boss was suddenly terminated from his job. Find out about the love of God for all people, and the severity and discipline of God, as well. 2611 words (10.4 minutes)

2611 words (10.4 minutes)
Get Free in Your Mind! Get Free in Your Mind!

Get Free in Your Mind! is the amazing story of how God can and does set you free from troubling thoughts in your mind, which can be caused by a variety of reasons. If you are troubled in these areas (and this can affect all people), then this message is for you and will open the door for great lasting freedom perhaps like you have never known before. 3256 words (13.0 minutes)

3256 words (13.0 minutes)
Glory at McDonald's Glory at McDonald's

Glory at McDonald's is an account of a time when God led the author to enter into a McDonald's restaurant in order to buy some pastries. There were some employees who were willing and ready to listen to what he had to say concerning Jesus. Three souls were touched. This testimony speaks of God's leading and direction in the midst of our day-to-day lives. 2351 words (9.4 minutes)

2351 words (9.4 minutes)
God of All Wonders God of All Wonders

God of All Wonders is the true amazing account of how God revealed detailed information in advance to both the author, as well as the author's friend, about a company (Rogers Business Solutions) that the author would soon be working for as a sofware developer. This is one of the most astounding revelations you will ever come across, and provides compelling evidence for the God of creation desiring an intimate relationship with people today. 3817 words (15.3 minutes)

3817 words (15.3 minutes)
He Is Coming! He Is Coming!

He Is Coming! is a mesmerizing account of how God spoke to a man about the end times concerning evil, the rapture, and victory at the battle of Armageddon. In order to impress another man (namely, the author) that the dream came from God, God did something truly amazing: God revealed to the man information about the author's parents that he could not have known in advance. Read it, and find out what the Lord has to say about the end times! 3092 words (12.4 minutes)

3092 words (12.4 minutes)
Man Who Wanted to Become Muslim Scholar, Discovers Christ Man Who Wanted to Become Muslim Scholar, Discovers Christ

Man Who Wanted to Become Muslim Scholar, Discovers Christ is the true amazing testimony of a former Muslim man who tested whether the God of the Bible or the god of the Koran would answer him. He writes, "I stress, I asked [Allah] with all my heart." But there was no response. When he then asked Jesus, a different answer came! A compelling testimony. 822 words (3.3 minutes)

822 words (3.3 minutes)
Pure Words Pure Words

Pure Words is one of the most “dangerous” tracts we have ever published. That’s why the word “Strong” appears on it. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Learn about the importance of keeping your words pure, or else you will get demonized. Suitable for Christians and non-Christians. Use with caution. (We recommend you read all tracts before attempting to distribute them. You might be in for a surprise.) 3530 words (14.1 minutes)

3530 words (14.1 minutes)
The Auto Mechanic The Auto Mechanic

The Auto Mechanic is the true story of an encounter with an auto mechanic, during which time the author prayed for his healing. The auto mechanic went home, saw the doctor, and found out that he had been miraculously healed of cancer. The man gave his life to the Lord, and was impacted along with his family, as they got involved with a new church. 2333 words (9.3 minutes)

2333 words (9.3 minutes)
The Counterfeit Universe The Counterfeit Universe

The Counterfeit Universe is the true story of a mother who visited a witchdoctor for the sake of her crippled daughter who had been bedridden 3 and 1/2 years. The mother obeyed the witchdoctor, the girl was healed, but the mother died the next day! Find out what happened, and why you should never see a witchdoctor! 2333 words (9.3 minutes)

2333 words (9.3 minutes)
The Day the Penny Dropped The Day the Penny Dropped

The Day the Penny Dropped is a powerful pro-life message given by God to the author. When he asked the Lord if the message was about abortion, the Lord immediately responded by having a Canadian penny (one-cent coin) fall on his foot. "The penny dropped" is an expression in the English language meaning, "You have finally understood." The Lord was speaking to the author that day. Find out what's inside! 2392 words (9.6 minutes)

2392 words (9.6 minutes)
The Destitute Woman The Destitute Woman

The Destitute Woman is the true story of the author’s encounter with a woman who loved Jesus but who had a very real need one day. God's heart is expressly revealed as he cared for this woman and led the author supernaturally to her. This message speaks hope, encouragement, and intimacy with the God of the Bible who is not dead but surely alive! 3227 words (12.9 minutes)

3227 words (12.9 minutes)
The Girl at the Store The Girl at the Store

The Girl at the Store contains a testimony of healing, as well as a testimony of an encounter with a girl at a store one day whom God cared for, who was herself in a wheelchair. This message clearly points to the God of the supernatural who knows our needs, feels our burdens, and who wants to minister to us. This message will speak to you! 3467 words (13.9 minutes)

3467 words (13.9 minutes)
The Revealer of Mysteries The Revealer of Mysteries

The Revealer of Mysteries is a story of revelation that was given to the author about a man (whose name was given in a dream) whom the author would meet at a prayer meeting that same evening. At virtually the same time this was happening, God was dealing with the author about a job that he would be engaged in at a bank, telling him not to work there, on account of ethically immoral behavior that the bank was engaged in. Compelling! 3093 words (12.4 minutes)

3093 words (12.4 minutes)
The Two Sides of Eternity The Two Sides of Eternity

The Two Sides of Eternity is the sad, true story of how the author appealed to his sister to believe in Jesus Christ, but without success. After she died an untimely death, the Lord spoke to the author in a dream, revealing that she was in hell. This tract also contains warnings about getting involved in the New Age. Written with tears. 3543 words (14.2 minutes)

3543 words (14.2 minutes)
Why Does God Perform Miracles? Why Does God Perform Miracles?

Why Does God Perform Miracles? presents the reader with two modern-day miracles. The article explores why God would have done what he did. The first is a miracle of protection. The second is one of provision. The nature of God in being both a protector and a provider is discussed. Lots of information that speaks to the heart! 3352 words (13.4 minutes)

3352 words (13.4 minutes)

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16